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Dance with sexy girl.

When buying a t-shirt with a special print you will want to know, that:

– the t-shirt will be comfortable to wear

– it will stay nice and keep its shape even after being washed many times

– there are not a lot of the same t-shirts produced, some designs even come in limited editions

– the t-shirt is done from a good material, that is produced in an ecofriendly maner and is colored with nontoxic colours

– the print is flexible, stretchy, and will not break or wash out

– the printed colours are vibrant and the ink ecofriendly and can even be used to print baby clothes.

There is one special thing you should know about teesky t-shirts.

We guarantee that the t-shirt and print are in their best condition when they find you.

If it happens that this is not so, please, let us know.

You will however note that some of the t-shirts will have a special acidy smell. This is due to the acid based component that is completely natural and an essential part of our printing technique.

Some t-shirts might even show some stains, that accur during the print because of this component. But not to worry, the smell and the stains will dissapear after the first wash.

Good design deserves a good t-shirt.

We chose t-shirts that are made od 100 % cotton, normaly they will be 180 gram, soft touch and always nice to wear.

We want to offer only the best quality print to our customers, we print with modern, eco-friendly and durable ink, which gives us the perfect vibrant colours. The print is soft and elastic and can be washed a lot of times.

Please, wash the t-shirt turned at max. 40 degrees Celsius. Do not tumble dry and do not iron directly on the print. Doing so your t-shirt will stay nice and soft for a very long time.

Have fun wearing with your Teesky t-shirts!

We are looking forward to your feedback!



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