EV-LADY AND GENTLEMAN is a club that brings together electric vehicle enthusiasts. Ev lady has been driving an electric Kia Soul since 2016 and Ev gentleman since 2018. Both cars are exactly alike in appearance, which is something special.
Because they support eco-friendly and, above all, calm and quiet driving, they are pleased to attend electric vehicle driver meetings.
Ev-lady and gentleman is also a club that brings together like-minded individuals. They organize informal meetings several times a year to chat about electric vehicles and much more.
Good things are fun – and what makes us happy is good for us. And the happier we are, the more good things happen to us. Given the goodwill of everyone driving in quiet, non-polluting vehicles, it is no wonder that there are more and more of them. If you’re also tempted to meet like-minded people who drive electric vehicles, join them at the next meeting or follow them here:


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Tesla and meTesla and me


EV-lady and gentleman drive a Kia, but are great fans of Tesla, too.
Let us grow big and have one, they said. It is good to dream 🙂
Find out more about how much fun it is to drive different EV-cars here: EV-lady-FB-page!