Choosing the right t-shirt and printing it well provides a t-shirt you will like and want to wear time and time again … this comes with the right choice of technology and most importantly, with experience.
But making t-shirts work for you, this comes from inspiration.

We have the know how.
You have a story.

T-shirts are the number one product in advertising. They help you with branding and marketing strategies and are a must-have for every type of business,
from car-repair to crypto management. Everyone wants a good t-shirt, especially when it is printed in accordance to a good story. Stories sell.
We sell your stories on great t-shirts.

What will you achieve with a good t-shirt?

  • make yourself (and your team) stand out, be seen
  • surprise your customers and potential customers with a unique gift. 
  • tell your story, show what you stand for and make your brand more visible, aproachable and memorable
  • get in touch with people you may never meet in person – connect to customers of other Teesky partners and make an impression that will last
  • create brand awareness by giving, not demanding

You can of course buy your own t-shirts to wear and give-away. Or you can become a Teesky partner and we will sell your stories for you. If you tell your story in a way that will bring a certain added value to people, they will support you and your idea by buying your t-shirts. is dedicated to connecting and making new connections, helping businesses and ideas to grow. And all this, using a product as simple as a t-shirt.